What Is Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

PEA, short for PalmitoylEthanolAmide (the same acronym is used for other substances also) is a fatty acid amide which is naturally present in the body and produced when the body needs to battle pain or inflammation. It does not mask the feeling of pain, but it actually deals with the source of it, for example by calming the excessively inflamed cells and restoring them back to their normal condition.

However, this is by no means the only benefit of palmitoylethanolamide. For more information about the benefits of PEA, visit this page

PEA was first identified in the 1950s as the reason why egg yolk has anti-inflammatory properties. This sparked lots of interest of the scientific community and it resulted in numerous studies which proved its anti-inflammatory properties. These included patients in a Skoda factory or the army and they proved that PEA was very successful in battling against flu, cold and allergies inflammation.

They also showed that it is effective against pain, which is understandable as pain and inflammation go hand in hand.

Several products appeared as early as the 1960s, but their purity was not at the highest levels due to the basic production methods.

However, in recent years, production methods greatly improved and now we have pure palmitoylethanolamide available and at a lower price. The purest forms are in capsules as they can be produced to have no excipients, taste modifiers or any other kind of additives.

Moreover, latest efforts brought liposomal palmitoylethanolamide, which makes use of the advanced liposomal delivery system. It provides unmatched bioavailability and does away with one of the biggest issues with PEA absorption.

After the improvements in purity and availability, the interest in PEA was resparked and numerous scientific studies have followed during the past decade. Currently there are more than 400 studies that prove efficacy and safety of PEA . Even Nobel laureate Rita Levi-Monalcini researched the effects of PEA in the early 1990s.

PEA vs. Inflammation and Pain

PEA is especially effective against chronic pain and inflammation. It is the way the body generally defends itself from pain, but for chronic conditions the body fails to produce sufficient amounts and we get chronic pain. This is why taking palmitoylethanolamide products is beneficial. It increases the amount of PEA in the body and helps it deal with pain naturally and safely.

The same goes for inflammation. Aside from inflammatory processes related to flu and cold, PEA is actually even more efficient when it comes to dealing with inflammation that comes from chronic conditions. Anyone who has been suffering from various chronic inflammatory conditions knows how debilitating they can be and a permanent solution is a godsend.

Can PEA be that permanent solution?

Most definitely! It is completely safe in any amount, being broken down by two very efficient enzymes called FAAH and NAAA.

Nobody can overdose on PEA and nobody is allergic to it.

Moreover, there are literally no side effects. Not a single one in more than 400 studies.

Most importantly, PEA can be taken with any drug. This makes it particularly valuable for chronic pain patients. It takes a while for PEA to build up in the body and the possibility of taking it together with painkillers during this period is of immense value.

Painkillers are notorious for side-effects and being able to reduce their intake and eventually cut them out completely means that patients can do away with pain and keep their internal organs working properly without any damage from opioids or NSAIDs.

PEA and immunity

As you can see in the section about the mechanism behind PEA, PEA affects mast and glial cells, as well as numerous receptors which play a major role in our immune response. Aside from simply improving our immunity, this makes PEA incredibly effective against numerous diseases which come from any immune system imbalance.

This is especially important for the people who suffer from numerous autoimmune and autoinflammatory  diseases. These can often be very severe and greatly reduce the quality of life.

To recapitulate, PEA is efficient, natural but scientifically proven, completely safe and, unlike a few decades ago, of the highest quality and affordability. Add to it the liposomal delivery system and it is obviously the future of the battle against excessive pain, inflammation and various immunity issues.