Treating Ulcerative Colitis – Case Story of a male patient, 59 years old named CF

Treating Ulcerative Colitis – Case Story of a male patient, 59 years old named CF

Background:  Already before school age, CF suffered from multiple infections in the respiratory tract, some years later resulting into asthma. He also had permanent eczema especially on fingers and hands since childhood. Numerous antibiotics only made the eczema worse over the years.

The intestine problem started in 2009 with a cramp so bad that it brought him to hospital, where they diagnosed ulcerative colitis and suggested a number of chemical medicines, which he took until 2013.

He stopped taking these medicines, because the disease worsened and almost invalidated his life, as he was bleeding non-stop from the intestine. Instead, he started Alternative Holistic Medicine:  Homeopathy, herbs and different nutritional supplements (unsaturated fatty oils, amino acids, enzymes etc.)  Gradually, he got better, but experienced relapses every time he was not totally strict on the diet (avoiding white flour, white sugar and white rice plus all dairy products).

Occasionally, the pain and blood came back without any obvious reason and he felt tired all the time. No matter what we tried within a wide range of remedies and therapies, the condition stayed imbalanced and very unpleasant – until the arrival of PEA in May 2016.

CF started right away on 1 capsule 3 x daily and within 3 days his damaged knee (from a heavy fall) stopped hurting, and since the first day of PEA there has been no blood in the stool and no more intestinal pain or cramps, the tiredness has stopped, and – according to himself – normal life has returned. Since then, he has shifted to the Liposomal PEA, taking 3 ml 2 x daily, and the healthy condition is permanent and – of course – without any side effect at all.

Note:  The different imbalances in CF´s life are closely related:  In the meridian system, lungs and large intestine belong to the same element, and diseases may shift from one to the other, explaining how a respiratory problem like asthma and multiple infections, when repressed by chemical medicine, will develop into intestinal disease. Since both are related to skin, the eczema can be seen as a deposit of toxins and remains from infections and medicines, which the organism has removed from the organs to the related tissue. This biological relation is the background for the diagnose Asthma Eczema – given to patients who shift from respiratory to skin problems and back again.

If a person like CF has a genetic tendency to autoimmune reactions/inflammatory diseases, the above described childhood situation will be the most obvious background for the imbalance to turn into full blown inflammatory disease, like ulcerative colitis. And this is exactly the kind of problems which should be treated with PEA, because it stops inflammatory processes naturally.

I have no doubt, that the PEA will be a very efficient treatment for diseases such as Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s, but it is also very important to emphasize the fact that the extremely quick response of our patient CF is due to the fact that he has been following a very strict diet and taken many supplements and alternative cures for years, thus being very clean and without any nutritional deficiencies, ready to receive and make full use of the PEA.

If the body is burdened by wrong foods and lack of nutrients, it will not be able to respond immediately – but PEA will eventually decrease the pain, since it is bound to stop inflammatory processes naturally. It is however important to add that some very strong chemical medicines, such as Methotrexat, often will prevent a good result.

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Gunver Juul