Inflammation and Its Effects on the Brain, Part 1 (VIDEO)

Inflammation and Its Effects on the Brain, Part 1 (VIDEO)

This is a very clear explanation by an American doctor Harrison Frank that highlights the connection between mental health, brain and inflammation.

There are numerous more recent studies that show the connection between inflammation and mental health, including depression, Alzheimer’s and more. Aside from the general discomfort, this inflammation can lead to chronic diseases and many current studies will show if the inflammation that is found accompanying the diseases is the cause or the result of the mentioned diseases. Discovering this information can prove to be a proper revolution in the treatment and prevention of many brain and neuronal diseases.

However, even before we have a clearer view of the connection between the brain and inflammation that we will get from the studies currently in progress, there are things we can do to minimize inflammation very easily. Our lifestyle is often accused of promoting inflammation and changing some easy things that can add up to substantial benefits.

These changes can include more exercise, better diet, as well as some medical foods that reduce inflammation. Now we have safe solutions for reducing inflammation and one of them, the one we like the most here, is palmitoylethanolamide.

This video about inflammation and its effects on the brain is just the first part of the trilogy. Stay tuned for more…