How to Use Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)?

There are several different PEA-based kinds of products, so the use greatly depends on the type you opt for. However, even before the use, you should make sure you buy the right thing. The industry standard dictates that pharmaceutical grade palmitoylethanolamide is readily available and that you can have PEA without any additives, taste modifiers, excipients or anything else.

Pills and Capsules

This means that if you are choosing between pills and capsules, the capsules are a better choice. PEA as a raw material is a powder, so in order to put it into the form of a pill, it needs some substances added. Vegetarian capsules, on the other hand, simply encapsulate the powder and you can have pharmaceutical grade PEA without any added substances.

Capsules are usually with 400 mg servings, although there are other options. This is why we will address the daily amount in mg, rather than number of capsules.

The initial dosage during the first month should be no less than 1200 mg of PEA evenly spread out during the day and taken during or after a meal. Taking more is an option for anyone who requires faster buildup.

Speaking of the buildup period, it is highly individual and it lasts between a few days and a few months. It depends on how severe the condition is and on each person’s individual absorption capacities.

Absorption capacities vary greatly, but we can safely say that most people should be able to take in 2400 mg of PEA a day. More than that would probably be wasted.

For extreme cases, patients can take up to 3600 mg a day, hoping to be able to take it in. More than that would be wasting the product.

And remember, if you are taking PEA capsules, take them during or after a meal.


Take a bean-sized cream and apply on the area up to three times a day.

Liposomal PEA

This is the most advanced PEA-related formulation to date. You can find more information about it here and we would strongly suggest having a look at it. It truly is a revolutionary step for PEA products and the articles in that page explain the benefits and the mechanism.

Here we talk about how to use it.

You can take liposomal PEA any time and regardless of any meals before or after. There is only one liposomal formulation on the market at the moment, so we can talk about the amounts based on that product.

You should take between 5 and 7.5 ml of liposomal PEA a day, usually in one or two takes. That will be like taking up to 1600 mg a day in the capsule form, but the liposomal delivery system makes the amount completely absorbed and increases bioavailability and efficacy way beyond what the capsules can bring.

Liposomal PEA is more expensive, so patients who experience sufficient benefits from the capsules may not need liposomal PEA at all. However, we would suggest trying it once, since the difference in the effects is rather remarkable. Maybe your quality of life can be even better than with the PEA capsules.

NOTE: The above mentioned information is general guidelines based on high quality, pharmaceutical grade palmitoylethanolamide. Always take into consideration manufacturer’s recommendations and consult your health care professional.