Case story about a psoriatic arthritis patient named T. S.

Case story about a psoriatic arthritis patient named T. S.

T. S. is a 52-year-old university professor of literature suffering from psoriatic arthritis.

At 17 year old her psoriasis problem started, which for many years was considered more a cosmetic problem, as it did not increase in such a way that she felt sick, although it never disappeared completely.  In her mid thirties, she started having stiff fingers and she quickly developed a kind of arthritis affecting all the small joints.

The doctors concluded that she was now suffering from psoriatic arthritis which was treated with Cortisone and different natural remedies – e.g. Omega 3 and herbs.   The arthritis seemed to take its own course and resulted in a totally damaged knee that could not be repaired by surgery. In her early forties the pain was everywhere: fingers, hands, elbows, knees and neck. The specialists offered a treatment with Methotrexat, and she realized that now she had to take charge herself and find another way than the chemical one. This is when she started treatment in my biomedical clinic. From then on, she only had organic food, no white sugar, no wheat and no cow milk.

Natural remedies such as nutrients, herbs and the right oils have – together with the right nutrition – kept the arthritis and the psoriasis on a very low level, but the inflammations did not disappear completely before she started taking PEA (palmitoylethanolamide).

T.S. claims that she is now dependent on PEA because as long as she takes it daily, it works so well, that she has no pain at all and the skin is fine and normal. At those times her psoriatic arthritis is as good as gone. The former disease is so remote that sometimes she even forgets to take the remedies.  She has considerably more energy.  The damaged knee has been replaced by an artificial one, and she still has some pain after the operation, but also here she finds PEA to be helpful, and she is convinced that she would not have had to accept an operation if she had known about PEA years ago.

Concerning the cream, she has admitted that when I suggested to use it on the psoriasis skin, she was not very hopeful, as she has always believed that skin problems should be treated from the inside, but now she admits that the PEA cream is just as efficient in treating skin eruptions as cortisone cream was before and without the side effects. The cream has healed the skin and made it very smooth and elastic – and even the wound after the operation healed very quickly and without scars.

She has only one complaint, a very small one: The Liposomal PEA is not so practical since it has to be kept cool and therefore is not so easy to bring on travels and holidays. Also, the taste is not good, but then, she uses the capsules on travels and takes the Liposomal at home, and the small problem is solved.  Little to say, she is very grateful to the people who make PEA available.


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