Breakthrough in Treatment of Chronic Pain: Causal Treatment Possible

Breakthrough in Treatment of Chronic Pain: Causal Treatment Possible

During an international medical congress on October 28th 2011, a number of professors presented a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic pain. Only a small number of patients has benefited from the painkillers that have been available so far. This changed thanks to the introduction of the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory bodily substance Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). PEA has been available in the United States since August 2016.

Why is Palmitoylethanolamide Important for Chronic Pain?

This special substance has an entirely new working mechanism, which supports the body’s own biological mechanism. This mechanism is similar to the working of opioids, but without the negative side effects and it has another strong benefit. It is remarkable how this substance, contrary to all other known painkillers, penetrates the cell and influences the nucleus receptors. Whereas the currently known painkillers always block a function of the body, palmitoylethanolamide promotes the body’s own natural ability to recover.

In a study the substance showed to work better than the best painkillers in this area. Not only did the pain decrease significantly, function and quality of life also improved measurably. The patients also tolerated the substance well, without any problematic side effects.

It also became clear during this congress that palmitoylethanolamide can have a pain relieving effect on a number of other chronic pain complaints, like severe diabetes pains, MS, chronic inflammation in the pelvis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


You don’t win a war by removing a few weapons!

Pain causes a waterfall of misery in the body. All sorts of substances are created that flare up pain and maintain inflammation. Most scientists keep looking for inhibitors for those substances. This works temporarily, but the effect is neutralized immediately by other substances.

It’s quite naïve to think you can win the war by inhibiting one or several substances, just like you can’t win a war by simply removing the weapons during a battle. Everyone will just continue to fight with their fists!

However, our body has developed built-in mechanisms to create peace. This happens with bodily substances that bring the belligerent cells back to a peaceful state. In biological language this is called changing the activated phenotype of the cells to the constructive phenotype.

Two types of cells form the foundation of all the misery, pain and inflammation – mast cells and glia cells. Exactly these two kinds of cells can be brought back from an activated state to a peaceful state with the bodily substance palmitoylethanolamide.

The substance is naturally created by the body in case of pain and inflammation, however not in high enough levels. With the availability in a clinic of this substance as a capsule or a liposomal liquid, we can help the body to restore to its peaceful state. Because this substance brings belligerent cells back on the path to peace. An additional special advantage is that these cells will then also join the renewal process. It is a natural process inside the body only made better by the increased amount of palmitoylethanolamide in the body.

Professors Cruccu and Costa were able to prove that palmitoylethanolamide decreased pain and inflammation in both humans and animals. They were also able to show that the constructive phase was reinitiated after treatment with PEA. There were even signs of nerve recovery after nerve damage in both humans and animals.

With palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) we have the first causal pain treatment in our hands!

During this congress, for the first time in the world, a number of professors all presented proof that lead to the insight that this bodily substance is an extraordinary breakthrough in the treatment of chronic pain, because of its unique working mechanism. The substance is also tolerated well, with virtually no side effects.