Case Story of a Woman SR – Neck, Leg, Muscles and Spine Pain Caused by Different Length of Legs

Case Story of a Woman SR – Neck, Leg, Muscles and Spine Pain Caused by Different Length of Legs

Woman SR– 50 year’s old – born with leg and back problems – because of different length of the legs and twisted spine. Operated many times as child, and still unable to walk properly – limping and being uncertain on stairs and rough terrain.  She has a lot of pain because of very tight muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Living a very healthy life as far as food is concerned, but of course having difficulties exercising enough as just walking implicates pain and difficulties. Neurological pain changing from spine to legs and to neck and shoulders.

She started PEA capsules (1 cps. 3 x daily) in September 2017, but quickly changed to 2 x 2 cps. daily (morning and evening), because she felt a true craving after the capsules. During the first 3 months she experienced a remarkable relief and I am quoting her own words here: “I have a clear experience of nerve regeneration on a deep and efficient level. I feel a profound cleansing process in the nerve tissue giving me a sensation of letting go, of releasing tension, blockage and pain. Better sleep and a calm mental state”.

Another remark from her:  “PEA had a profound effect on my muscles and nerves, on my cleansing out capacity and the capsules helped me get rid of the semi-paresis and pain, so that my tissues finally started to regenerate”.

After these 3 months, she has been taking 2 capsules daily without change and now, she has been without the PEA for a couple of months and is still feeling fine as far as the nervous system is concerned.  Now, she needs support to muscles, tendons and ligaments, because connective tissues seem to wake up from blockage to a more active state, and therefore, we are proceeding with nutrients for joints and mobility system.

SR thinks that her meditations became deeper and more relaxed during the 5 months she was taking PEA, and that this effect also helped the muscular system to become more relaxed and flexible.


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