1.8 Mio people using local corticosteroid? That can be otherwise: PEA Cream

1.8 Mio people using local corticosteroid? That can be otherwise: PEA Cream

Before applying corticosteroid cream against eczema onto your skin, it might be good to try out the natural PEA cream first. It has no damaging effects on the skin, and can reduce eczema complaints.

Last year, pharmacists provided creams and ointments containing corticosteroids to almost 2 million skin patients! Those creams are not is harmless. Especially eczema patients get these products prescribed.

Eczemas are chronic skin disorders that go hand in hand with symptoms of inflammation: redness, swelling, pain, itching. Lubricating is not without risk, as the hormone-containing creams have a negative impact on the natural recovery ability of the skin, with the result that the skin gets thinner and more easily damaged.

Years ago, a natural alternative method was already described in a patent. A cream containing palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), a natural skin protective substance that acts against inflammation, redness and itching, without damaging the skin. Since 2013, this cream has been commercially available without prescription, also in the United States.  The cream is simply called PEA cream. The exceptional properties of this cream, as is shown in the research results in the patent, make that if you use this cream, you can do with much less corticosteroid creams, or even without.

We Palmitoylethanolamide: have examined many people with eczema using PEA cream and found that their eczema got much better: less itching, less swelling of the skin and less redness.

PEA cream is a natural alternative to corticosteroid creams and should always be tried before the practitioner prescribes a recipe for corticosteroid creams!