Treat migraine with locally applied cream and a natural pain relief bonbon under the tongue.

A new natural treatment against migraine has been developed by a doctor of the institute for neurological pain. Based on recent studies [1][2], a new natural method was developed to treat troublesome migraine attacks. Treatment of migraines keeps being a challenge in medicine.


The essence: pain relief through the skin, nose and mucus membrane of the mouth

The essence is that migraine seems treatable with: One, a cream with a high dose of lavender oil. The lavender works through both the smell and through the skin and has proven pain-relieving properties.  And two, a cacao butter based tablet containing the natural pain relieving substance palmitoylethanolamide., which is placed under the tongue and enters the blood stream through the mucus membrane to relief pain.


Treat migraine with locally applied cream and a bonbon under the tongue

The treatment is based on a cream he developed which contains lavender oil, and lozenges that contain both #palmitoylethanolamide and #CBD.

Upon noticing the first signs of an upcoming migraine attack the cream should be applied on the skin of the under arms and back of the hands, as well as underneath the nose. A recent double blind study revealed that the scent of lavender clearly decreased the symptoms of migraine attacks.

At the same time, a tablet containing 1 gram of the natural pain relieving palmitoylethanolamide (knows as PeaCure supplement), can be placed under the tongue. This tablet is specially developed based on cacao butter, which melts and allows the pain relieving substances to be released directly in to the bloodstream through the mucus membrane of the mouth.  This ensures that the migraine is targeted through different channels and by different natural components.


Topical treatment: the Egg of Columbus for migraine

It’s extremely smart to use the skin for the treatment of migraines: some people are unable to ingest anything during an attack. This way the migraine fighting substances can still enter the body through skin and the nasal mucous membrane. The specially developed lavender cream contains a number of organic active natural substances that can decrease the severity, intensity and duration of the attack.

The so-called topical (locally applied to the skin) treatment with lavender oil also proved to be useful for pain after surgeries. [3] Plus, lavender oil seems to have a positive effect on injection pains. [4] This means the pain relieving properties of lavender stretch much further than just migraine pains and can be used to treat other pain symptoms like menstrual pains [5], perineal pains after giving birth [6] and arthritic pains. [7] Patients with pain after surgery also responded positively on lavender cream during a placebo controlled study and patients that received lavender needed less regular pain medicine. [8] Even neck pain, a pain that’s very common among migraine patients, responded positively on lavender creams. [9] Another benefit is that anxiety decreases considerable after treatment with lavender. [10]

We can find scientific proof for the effects of lavender as far back as last century

Experiments with animals also confirmed that lavender has pain-relieving effects. But on top of that, lavender has several more valuable properties. Lavender showed to protect the stomach from ulcers derived from the use of alcohol. [11] De authors noted: …besides this gastro protection, lavender oil reveals an interesting analgesic activity…


Lavender cream and other pain relieving creams

Besides lavender cream, the institute also developed a baclofen cream, which can greatly help with tension headaches and a stiff neck. However, this cream is only available from the pharmacy with prescription. Lavender cream, on the other hand, is available without prescription.

The institute of neuropathic pain has been known all over the world for their development of topical pain relief medicine, like pain relieving creams, and has published a lot of information about this subject. Very recently a prominent publication was published about a ketamine cream that was developed by the institute together with a number of international experts on pain. These pain-relieving creams are widely applicable. This reconfirms the value of topical treatment of migraine with a natural cream.

As early as last century, pharmacologists have studied the exact way in which lavender exerts its calming properties. In an overview of animal tests from 1999 (Phytother. Res. 13, 540–542 (1999) it says [12]:

Its sedative nature, on inhalation, has been shown both in animals and man (Buchbauer et al., 1991, 1993). There is also an effect on certain brain waves such as the contingent negative variation (Torii et al., 1988). Lavender had a spasmolytic activity on guinea-pig ileum, in vitro (Reiter and Brandt, 1985; Lis-Balchin et al., 1996) and rat uterus (LisBalchin and Hart, 1997a) and also decreased the tone in the skeletal muscle preparation of the phrenic nerve– diaphragm of rats (Lis-Balchin and Hart, 1997b).


Safety of lavender and PEA

The safety of lavender and palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has been documented for a long time. The following was written about lavender in the handbook of DLJ Opdyke – Food and Cosmetics Toxicology, 1976 – Pergamon Press:

Lavender oil was given GRAS status by FEMA (1965) and is approved by the FDA for food use (GRAS). The Council of Europe (1974) included lavender oil in the list of substances, spices and seasonings deemed admissible for use, with a possible limitation of the active principle in the final product. Both the Food Chemicals Codex (1972) and the National Formulury (1970) have monographs on lavender oil.

PEA is present in small qualities in almost all foods and hundreds of thousands of patients have taken PEA without any negative side effect ever being reported.


Paving a new path with natural cream and substances!

This high dosed lavender cream is expected to open a new opportunity for other troublesome and difficult to treat pain syndromes for people with chronic pain, especially when taken together in combination with the pain relieving bonbons.



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