A breakthrough in pain treatment has been reached since 2011.

Based on their years of experience two Dutch acupuncturists have introduced the international community of pain specialists to a new idea. It concerns pharmaceutically reinforcing the pain relieving effects of acupuncture by using a very low dose of naltrexone, a substance that has practically no side effects.

This method has been developed in the last years in the institute of neuropathic pain. In the meantime the two pain experts have come a step further and now also add the natural bodily pain relief substance palmitoylethanolamide to their pain treatments. This principle constitutes a breakthrough in the treatment of chronic pain and is in line with the most modern visions in this field, the multimodal pain therapy. Multimodal stands for the treatment of pain using different treatment methods.

The authors summarizes some information as follows:

To find appropriate and effective treatment options for chronic pain syndromes is a challenging task. Multimodal treatment approach has been gaining acceptance for chronic pain. However, combining treatments, such as acupuncture, with rational pharmacology is still in its infancy. Acupuncture influences the opioid and cannabinoid system through releasing endogenous receptor ligands. Low dose naltrexone also acts on both these systems, and upregulates the opioid and cannabinoid receptors. The authors hypothesise that low dose naltrexone could enhance the pain-relieving effect of acupuncture.[1]

Treat pain optimally with minimal side effects

Unfortunately, the obvious starting point for most optimal pain treatment with minimal side effects has not reached regular medicine. Isolated painkillers are still prescribed too frequently, some of them are dosed so high that the patient can get dizzy and feel sick. The fact that it’s possible to reach better pain relief by using a combination of treatments is not widely recognized and practiced.

The authors of this article have been focusing on developing the most effective pain treatment with the least side effects. Introducing low doses of the substance naltrexone is an example of this. The use of the natural, body’s own pain reliever PeaCure (palmitoylethanolamide), a substance that is very effective and has no problematic side effects, is another example. Both substances combine exceptionally well with acupuncture. PeaCure is the most pure form (>99.99%) of PEA available, without chemical additives as can be found in Normast.

Both doctors have discovered the special fact that both naltrexone and PEA calm the overactive cells in the central nervous system. And not only those cells, but also the surrounding cells, called glia cells. The effect adds a meaningful support to the effect of acupuncture on a pharmaceutical level.



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