Hernia patients with ischia pain can be treated successfully with TENS, supposedly even better than when using nerve root blocks buy viagra usa.  TENS is a familiar treatment for pain, although controversial for its effectiveness. It now turns out that the results are comparable to treatment with nerve root blocks, according to a relatively small research that was conducted in the United States.

Hernia patients suffer from a lot of pain due to pressure of the intervertebral disc on the nerves.

A sizeable research amongst hernia patients showed that TENS causes a higher degree of satisfaction than nerve root blocks carried out by an anesthesiologist.

Approximately 30 patients were treated with either TENS or with nerve root blocks. All patients experienced pain due to Hernia, meaning ischia pain. The cost of TENS treatments is low, a one-off purchase of the machine, and is easy to operate.

This study supports prescribing TENS before giving an invasive injection to the back. In combination with the possibility of treating patients with the natural pain relieving substance palmitoylethanolamide (PEA), TENS seems to be a good option that also has no side effects.

Hernia patients often have severe radiating pain in the legs or feet. Besides TENS and PEA, hernia patients don’t have my treatment options. Only some strong painkillers will have an effect, but Lyrica for example only works partly for these patients. To keep using and moving the back is of utmost importance.